Our story

Pianto is the brainchild of a French biochemist, and was established in 1958. He wanted to counteract post-war dietary deficiencies, designing a product that would provide a wide variety of easily absorbed micronutrients, essential for health.
Since then, the formula has kept the quality of the past, while adapting to the daily needs of the present.
Still now, Pianto is a true blend of nutrients, essential amino acids and vitamins, rich in highly available magnesium, and compensates for the deficiencies of modern nutrition, characterized by intensive cultivation, storage and cooking methods, which deplete our food of micronutrients.

Some years later, settled in St-Joseph in the north of France, the next logical step was to develop another range, with high nutritional value that would complement Pianto food supplements. Thus, the B. St-Joseph range was born, made from a combination of lysed yeast, specific honeys and traditional phytotherapy. A true concentrate of enzymes and active nutrients, B. St-Joseph takes a holistic approach to various health issues, combining fast action on symptoms with in-depth action on the root causes, by restoring the microbiota.

The company

Pianto Healthcare develops, produces and distributes the Pianto and B. St-Joseph ranges, involving naturally formulated solutions, which use fermentation to specifically respond to various health issues, through their high nutritional value.
The company aims to continue respecting tradition, combining modern and traditional phytotherapy, by enriching specific plant extracts.


The team

Pianto Healthcare is a team of passionate experts, available to share their knowledge and the Pianto production secrets, in complete transparency. The team will be by your side, helping to promote the various products to your clients, through tailored marketing support. Our regulatory department has more than 20 years of experience in food supplements and phytotherapy, and oversees reporting obligations and market launches, while providing tailored advice, depending on the various market realities. 

Co Managing Director of Pianto Healthcare and head of the R&D and Manufacturing department, Julien Masset has a biochemistry doctorate. His greatest passion is the microbiota, which was the topic of his doctoral thesis, and he has more than 10 years of experience in phytotherapy and food supplements. 

Sophie Gilson, also Co Managing Director  of the company, has more than 25 years of experience in health product sales and marketing.