The Pianto team

"The first word that comes to my mind when I think of Pianto is synergy.

Synergy between the ingredients of the products, but also synergy between the different collaborators with whom I have the chance to work.

Each person at Pianto is different and brings something unique."

Julien Masset
Co Managing Director
Head of R&D and Manufacturing

Julien contributes on all fronts! He ensures that the rulebook is followed during production of existing products but he also designs new formulations resulting from continuous research and development, thanks to his Biochemistry doctorate. As manager of Pianto France, he coordinates and assists the various team members, providing all the necessary tools for a better working environment. Passionate about health products and the microbiota, in particular, he was seduced by Pianto products and their ability to provide in-depth action on the causes of health issues, unlike the majority of products, which are happy to act on the symptoms only.

  « During my first visit to the production plant, I was like a child in a toy store, seeing this exceptional production tool, nestled in the lush greenery, an integral part of Pianto's roots »

Sophie Gilson

Co Managing Director
Head of Sales & Marketing

Who could replace dynamic, smiling Sophie, head of marketing and sales strategy in France and abroad? Responsive, she supports the various distribution markets, meeting their needs through appropriate communication tools. Cohesion and mutual respect within the team are her watchwords. Sophie also uses her professionalism and knowledge to develop the website and media communication, but also online, via social networks. Her driving force? Promoting innovative, original products, which are also an opportunity to replace various pills, tablets and powders with delicious, fast-acting oral solutions or drink mixes!

  « At Pianto, it’s never boring! We are truly a team, and every employee has an essential role in the organization. The contribution of everyone is recognized and appreciated, which creates a strong bond within the company and with our customers and distributors   »

Christel Chalsèche
Head of Technical and Regulatory Affairs

Behind her good humour and her smile, Christel brings quiet strength and 20 years of experience in the field of regulation, a subject which is complex, and constantly evolving. Through her training as a biochemist, she also actively participates in the development of formulations, ensuring that suppliers are compliant and the ingredients are high-quality, for maximum effectiveness. She also verifies the formulations, the doses used and the test results, with a constant eye on compliance with quality and safety requirements, for market launch. Every element of communication passes before her eagle eyes, so that we always uphold our commitments.

 « As soon as I arrived, I was struck by this feeling of space and greenery as far as the eye can see. In short, the idyllic setting to work in and, the icing on the cake, an enthusiastic team to welcome me ... What more could you ask for? »

Rosi Franzen
Executive assistant

With nine years of experience as an executive assistant, Rosi can be proud of her command of various fields: she supports management in administrative tasks and is responsible for accounting. With her unfailing team spirit and desire to do well, Rosi is always happy to lend a hand! Human values, committed staff and recognized know-how are qualities that characterize Rosi, and are important to her within the company.

« With an active life and a large family, I needed a boost to sleep at night and to regain boundless energy in the morning. I fully committed to the B. St-Joseph Sleep and Vitality products! Now I can't do without them.
PS: I take Pianto with apple juice! »

Tiffany Schinelli
Marketing assistant

A recent marketing graduate, Tiffany is a determined young woman, full of energy and the desire to strengthen the team as a marketing assistant. Age does not necessarily indicate value. In technology, she can be found curating social networks and constructing websites, to improve your knowledge and experience of our products. When it comes to graphic design, Tiffany uses all her creativity to develop hardcopy and digital communication media for your viewing pleasure. The naturalness and quality of the products are both strong features that made Tiffany choose Pianto.

«  After only two months in the company, I had the honour of being a Pianto model for the new website. A small challenge: I am in two B. St-Joseph photos !  »

Sandra Graffé
Sales assistant

With seven years of service to her credit, Sandra is the heart of commercial activity. She is the contact for our distributors on the various European markets and her role leads her to collaborate with all the departments of the company: support for the quality department, coordinating brand creation and brand management, but also following up on purchase orders and deliveries ... Calm and patient are two words that characterize her: through her experience, Sandra has learned to adapt and react quickly to best satisfy our customers.

«  For me, Pianto was the perfect opportunity to train and develop in the role of sales assistant!  »

Brigitte Gielen
All-round employee

It's been five years since Brigitte joined the Pianto team to take on various tasks! Most of the time, she works on building maintenance, but you can also find her in the lab, where she samples your favourite products. She also offers assistance during production, for bottling, labelling, etc. Always ready to laugh, she loves to entertain the gallery!

Philippe Chapelle & Bernard Antoine
Foreman & production worker

The production of Pianto products is in good hands: those of Philippe, Bernard and Dominique. Between production, bottling, labelling, technical work, maintaining  production tools and the gardens, preparing deliveries, taking delivery of raw materials… this trio is busy! Always ready to find tailor-made solutions, this multitasking team provides high-quality services, which are essential for the company to function properly.