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Pianto, our know-how: Controlled Bioactivity

Discover the trade secrets of PIANTO! Production is divided into three phases:

The goal of these three steps is to release vitamins, essential amino acids and enzymes, all three of which are essential for the body to function normally. This process also increases the proportion of nutrients that will actually be absorbed.

Phase 1 : fermentation

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Why fermentation ?

The first step is fermenting the beet. This ancient technique increases the shelf life of food, but also improves the digestibility of proteins and carbohydrates and increases the bioavailability* of vitamins.

The use of beet is not insignificant. This root vegetable is a source of betaine (helps digestion and prevents the accumulation of fat in the liver) and antioxidants(which neutralize free radicals due to pollution, smoking, stress, aging...). But that's not all! Fermentation also decreases the amount of sugar naturally present in the product and generates metabolites which are beneficial to health. These include:

  • Short-chain fatty acids, which regulate intestinal motility

  • Natural vitamins, which have better bioavailability*

  • Enzymes that help with food digestion (especially grains, pulses and meat)

*bioavailability: part of a nutrient present in food which is effectively absorbed by the body.

Phase 2 : cell lysis

(comparable to the role of the stomach in digestion)

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What role does cell lysis play?

After fermentation, there are several compounds in the product that cannot yet be absorbed by the intestine. Cell lysis then occurs, to destroy the membranes of bacteria and compounds present in the product. This increases their bioavailability for intestinal absorption, and leads to better nutrient metabolization.

Did you know that the bioavailability of magnesium oxide is low? But the PIANTO production process maximises it. During the lysis stage, magnesium is released in cationic form, which is the easiest to absorb.

Two teaspoons of PIANTO CLASSIC provide 100% of the NRV (nutrient reference values) of highly bioavailable magnesium (375 mg)

Phase 3 : concentration

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What happens during concentration?

To increase the nutritional quality of PIANTO, this phase takes place in two parts:

  • Filtration
    This filters out and keeps everything that can be easily absorbed by the intestine.
  • The addition of a large number of fruits, vegetables and plants in the form of aromatic extracts increases the quality of the product, due to their antioxidant properties.

This three-part production process optimizes product quality. This is demonstrated using the ORAC method, which measures the power of antioxidants in a food or nutrient. Two teaspoons of PIANTO per day is equivalent to more than 40% of daily antioxidant requirements.

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